Things to do before 30

Lately I have been pretty big into the list making and setting goals. So many times our goals are stuff that aren’t a lot of fun, like lose 30 pounds, stop smoking, be nicer etc. but I decided to make a list of things, some big, some small that I want to experience before 30. As I get older, and life tries harder and harder to suck the adventure out of me, I need a little motivation and visual aid to make sure I stay on track becoming the person that I want to be and living a life that makes me happy and that I can be proud to say I lived. I plan to cross off while I go…

Things I want to do before I am 30:

– Run a half marathon (I am doing the bham bay 1/2 marathon in sept!)
– Do the Camino de Santiago (all 1000 kms worth!)
– Run a marathon ( I removed this from the list and now it’s back on…) 
– Run a 5k race ( I did the Blaine run to the border 5k on 8/7/10 in the rain/hungover – painful) 
– Do a sprint triathlon
– Hike to Macchu Picchu the long way
– Dance the tango in buenos aires
– Drive highway 1 to big sur in a convertible 
Take a trip in a hot air balloon – I am doing this in cappadoacia in turkey in sept!
– Visit all 50 states (click here to see the map of ones I have left )
– Milk a cow or goat (I chickened out once and have regretted it ever since)
– Have a job that challenges and fulfills me
– Participate in a renaissance faire
– Visit all 7 continents
– Volunteer abroad for a month ( In progress, except being an over achiever I signed on for four months…)
– Enjoy a freshly rolled cigar in cuba 
– Cross a glacier on foot
– Go volcano boarding
– Bike the rim of the grand canyon
– Get something I write published
– Learn to scuba dive
– Ride a motorcycle (moped) by myself for the day (overachieved on this one too… I bought a motorcycle)
– Climb the great period of egypt
– Ride a camel
– Swim with a dolphin or shark
– Go Heli-Skiing
– Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
– Ski a double-black diamond run
– Cross a country on a bicycle
– Climb one of the 7 summits
– Partake in a Japanese tea ceremony
– Destroy a computer with my own hands