Wanted: A sense of time and space

I am sitting in the Iceland airport where the current local time is 8:47am and the sky is pitch black. However having flown in from Seattle my body thinks it is 12:37am and yet in a mere hour I am about to embark on an adventure to the blue lagoon. 
My body is so confused I keep thinking maybe I should eat this hot dog? How can I resist this offer?!
When I scheduled this adventure I assumed I would get some sleep on the plane and I could make it through and it would be worth it. No sleep, bus ticket in hand, and here is hoping that my inner optimist who schedules adventure and fun regardless of the consequences or tight itineraries can prevail. 
The Iceland airport in itself is a well curated experience and doesn’t disappoint in the areas of a large and varied schnapps selection as well as cozy wool products. However, I was slight disturbed to see the image of the cute little baby angora bunny that contributed to these socks… 
Once on the wifi equipped bus I had to google how the socks were made and see if there truly was a baby bunny casualty involved. I soon learned that the baby bunnies are “not harmed in the making off the socks”, but they are held down and have all of their hair plucked out. I think it is safe to assume the sock manufacturers PR people don’t realize in the age of plucking and waxing that people might be able to figure out that baby bunnies aren’t exactly enjoying this process. 
Backing up a little bit before iceland, some mere ten hours ago I said goodbye to America for the foreseeable future to head out to start my fellowship in Kosovo with Kiva.org. America, and in particular Seattle and I have a lot of history, but we need a little break. All good relationships need some time off now and again, and right now that’s where my relationship with Seattle stands. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and I could use a re-kindling of passion. 

I took off with seriously limited possessions chosen through a process of elimination that involved a lot of grunting, shoving, packing and re-packing. Did I need 5lbs of protein bars? Probably not, but I couldn’t not take them. You don’t know when you might need one! 
More than a mildly stale relationship with America, what I really need is to get my hands dirty on the ground and see what microfinance looks like from the inside. I became enamored with mircofinance in collage when I first heard about Dr. Yunnas and the Grameen bank, but it took reading Jaqualine Novogratz’s memoir The Blue Sweater to push me over the edge into wanting to make social entrepreneurship my career. If I don’t do this now, I know I will forever regret not taking this chance. If you want to get inspired, I highly recommend her TED talk from 2009. 
Do-gooder agenda aside, on the plane I felt myself choking up with emotion about all of the people I am leaving behind to pursue this dream. It is everything I have worked hard for, what I went to business school for, and yet it makes my stomach turn in knots thinking about five months of being so far from people I love so much. I know in this connected day and age I will be able to maintain contact, but I can’t help but wonder what role I will be able to play in their normal everyday lives. Will friends forget me and move on to a life that doesn’t have as much room for me? What big events in peoples lives will I not be around for? How will this placement change me? And how will I feel about my next move in life when I am done?
I am a planner and amateur forecaster, but my crystal ball looks like a cloudy jumble of images and I really don’t know what things are going to be like in the coming months. I am excited and absolutely terrified, so I figure I better write about it. 
So yeah, there you have it – welcome to my blog. 
An update:  Ps. The blue lagoon was worth it.