London: Thoughts and wild speculation

1. Am having a difficult time walking around the city. 
a) When confronted with a potential head on pedestrian to pedestrian collision the I go left, Londoners go right. It is extremely awkward and I just can’t seem to adjust. The red-blooded american in me just wants everyone to drive and walk on the right side of the road.
 b) I am experiencing massive chaffing due to too many miles yesterday in awkward fitting jeans. Too much information? Probably, but I am keeping it real on my blog. My blog, my choice. If it feels awkward you don’t have to read it. I am deciding to keep it real to be helpful to future travelers (bring some baby powder!) and to show real travel because travel isn’t always glamour as some blogs would lead the public to believe.
2. Peep shows are cheap here! 
But everything else is really expensive. I did see a guy getting arrested in this alley so am suspecting this sign must be some sort of sting operation in action.
3. Leather pants are in! (After about the fifth pair I had to take this creepy photo from behind to document this so you all would believe it)
Book stores are also very in. Correlation? I am not sure. More research required, but whatever is going on I dig it as I enjoy both leather pants and copious amounts of cool bookstores. They even have rare travel books on obscure places like Kosovo – Score!
4.  London is really friendly! This shocked me after traveling in New York and other big US cities. I have seen several pleasant engaged  interactions on mass transit between strangers! For a seattlite this is an un-heard of phenomenon. If I even in tried in seattle chances are good the person would look at me liked was off my meds and slowly inch away while putting on their oversized headphones.  London lesson learned – it is ok to make eye contact.
5. On a opposite side of the spectrum, service is without the usual ass kissing that accompanies the American service industry. This could be perceived negatively but I will take genuine friendliness on the streets  over red robin restaraunt style fake cheer any day.  The one exception for me – I had high tea today and it is was so fancy I kind of wanted a little american style sucking up.
Look at that spread! It was decadent and awesome. Totally up my alley.
6. There is a reason for the pasty culture and meat pie. While the pot pie style dish has never been a personal favorite there is something about the grey sky, frosty breeze and my general personal temperature that makes me have semi-elaborate fantasies about a meat pie covered in gravy.
(The fantasies are only semi-elaborate as I have only thus far discovered a couple simple flavor varieties which makes it difficult to get too ridiculous or involved on the fantasy front.) Throw in some mulled wine and I might never be able to leave the comfort of my pub chair.
7. Rose seems to be the national drink. I have seen more people drinking rose in these two days than I have the rest of my life. Is there a explanation for this? I am prepared to go in the pub trenches to find out. It is freezing people! What is with all the bottles of rose?
Hopefully some of these mysteries will have answers, but I am running out of time in London to investigate.
Ps. See me below taking a break from observing to take a cheesy classic london photo of myself!