London kicks me on the way out

London surprised me. Rather than an impersonal grey city with it’s main charm being must see historical sights like westminster abbey and the tower of london, I delighted in the cities nooks and crannies. Between exploring the great parks, distinct neighborhoods, and searching out the warmth of the perfect pub, I had a really wonderful time. 
Right up till after I had brunch with these lovely ladies at Caravan in Camden Town (highly recommend for anyone in London!) It made me feel like I was in portland or seattle. Perfect cure for a little food homesickness after all those pasties. 
Chloe my former roommate from college on the left and the darling Hailey on the right.
As we were leaving I was almost taken out my a huge branch falling on my arm, narrowly missing my head. It hurt but more than that I felt it might be a sign my easy going good luck trip had taken a slight turn.
Sadly my spidey sense was right. I was brought down to earth again by missing my flight to Kosovo due to airport mix up, but despite exhaustion and some seriously interesting body cramps from sleeping in contorted positions I am trying to keep smiling. (Take that hip, elbow and neck pain!) As a seasoned traveler I know it can always get worse.