Wooing myself in London

After spending what has lately felt like much of my adult life either in a romantic relationship, recovering from one, or so focused on school/work that I don’t have time for anything else, London was an amazing break for me to remember just how much I love dating myself. It turns out I have a really good idea how to show myself a good time! 
For your viewing pleasure here are some highlights in no specific order:

Browsing the portoblleo road market.

Rom-com fans will remember this is where dashing nottinghill bookstore owner Hugh Grant meets Julia Roberts to kick off their charming love affair. Even though Hugh Grant is a noted 
pervert, I still find him adorable. 

So many antiques – so little room in the suitcase.
These ladies just looked like they were having so much fun dishing out tasty ethiopian food

What you might not know is notting hill is also where you can obtain things like this awesome suit. I want one! Sadly I have zero space in my backpack. But doesn’t it look cozy and festive? Perfect for kicking it in Kosovo.

 I stuffed myself with some delicious market pastries instead to drown my sorrow.  

After much observation, I can report that mustache love has indeed crossed the pond. Who can resist the ironic mustache? Apparently not the brits. 

The ring to the right,
his personal wine drinking shell to the left. 

I would like to take this moment to highly endorse the Victoria and Albert Museum. Not only is it free (well a 3 quid suggusted donation) but it has an incredible and eclectic collection of decorative arts. 

I got goosebumps seeing the personal ring of Shah Johan, the mugal indian ruler who built the Taj Mahal. 

I stood in awe of the enormous plaster cast made from Tarjan’s columns, and felt so connected with the past looking at leonard davinci’s notebooks. The fashion galleries and jewelry collection were equally fun to browse.

Don’t miss this sight if you are traveling through London – where else can you try on the medieval tunic aka the first snuggie? 
It was slightly embarrassing asking a stranger to take this picture but I couldn’t resist 

In the end with travel it really is the little things. Like having a treat break in the form of a purple glittery cupcake in front of Kensington palace (great lawn Will and Kate).  

I later learned from my friend and local londoner Chloe that the cupcake I ate was famous! 

I have eaten a lot of cupcakes but I have to hand it to the hummingbird bakery – it was delicious! I want another one right now.