Monthly Archive: March, 2013

One wild and crazy Albanian weekend

What happens when you rent an older model 4×4 jeep with three other friends, name the jeep hot dog, and decide to drive around the country? Read on to find out. Friday was… Continue reading

Welcome to the land of dangerous hospitality

Ever fantasized about hitting the road and going deep into the depths of Albania? Chances are slim, but I am here to suggest you should start. *Note: Danger in the title is not in a… Continue reading

Albanian life: Mango scented toilet paper and 11 other details

The devil is in the details and there are some strange things going on here in Albania. Ever wanted a little teaser of life in Albania? Read on. 1. I have no idea… Continue reading

My happy day trip spot becomes a riot zone

I am having a rather unpleasant re-occurring experience here in the balkans. I visit a place on a calm sightseeing tourist adventure taking in the history and the overall scene, come home and go back to… Continue reading