Monthly Archive: December, 2013

FAQ’s: The whats/hows/whys/whatthef**ks?! of sailing across the Atlantic

When you tell people you are crossing the Atlantic Ocean on 12.8m (42ft) sailboat from the Canary Islands to the Panama Canal people naturally ask bewildered looking questions, use expletives, state their concerns… Continue reading

Chasing my dreams across the Atlantic Ocean in a 12.8m long sailboat

What do you call stomach butterflies that are so large that you start to feel severely nauseous? I can’t come up with a satisfying answer but that is the state I am in… Continue reading

Surviving the Camino del Norte: 800+kms of crazy pilgrims, sublime beauty and failed attempts at enlightenment

Whether you are looking for enlightenment, just like slow travel or interested in an intensive way to lose a few kilos while gorging on cheap vino tinto and delicious jamon, the Camino de… Continue reading