About Me

This is the chronicle of my adventures and doings in the fallout of my somewhat crazy decision to give up a profitable corporate career to see the world, meet cool people, try my hand at working on the ground in development and building sustainable change and hopefully finding some great eats!

After stints working for Kiva.org in Kosovo and Albania, I spent my time exploring more of the hidden parts of Europe and Central America, learning Spanish and generally being a swashbuckler before heading back to Tirana for a short project with Yunus Social Business. After a lot of soul searching I moved to Kenya, where I can be found bumming around Africa managing a portfolio of socially focused investments. 

The name swashbuckler came to me after a little random experimentation with the speak like a pirate translator machine. You can give it a try yourself here: http://postlikeapirate.com/ The word “swashbuckler”  has multiple meanings but the one I liked was an extravagant swordsperson or adventurer of some sort. The word swashbuckler generally describes a character who is a heroic adventurer, idealistic to the bone and who rescues damsels in distress from dastardly villains. I decided that it wasn’t fair for boys alone to be swashbucklers and wanted in on the action and hence a blog is born.


Me hiking the Camino de Santiago in northern spain in Oct. 2012.