A love story? Pristina and I go on a first date

   It is not like I had been fooled by a misleading photo in an online dating profile, I knew Pristina was going to be ugly. To quote my Bradt guidebook, “Pristina is… Continue reading

London kicks me on the way out

London surprised me. Rather than an impersonal grey city with it’s main charm being must see historical sights like westminster abbey and the tower of london, I delighted in the cities nooks and… Continue reading

Wooing myself in London

After spending what has lately felt like much of my adult life either in a romantic relationship, recovering from one, or so focused on school/work that I don’t have time for anything else,… Continue reading

London: Thoughts and wild speculation

1. Am having a difficult time walking around the city.  a) When confronted with a potential head on pedestrian to pedestrian collision the I go left, Londoners go right. It is extremely awkward… Continue reading

Wanted: A sense of time and space

I am sitting in the Iceland airport where the current local time is 8:47am and the sky is pitch black. However having flown in from Seattle my body thinks it is 12:37am and… Continue reading

Things to do before 30

Lately I have been pretty big into the list making and setting goals. So many times our goals are stuff that aren’t a lot of fun, like lose 30 pounds, stop smoking, be… Continue reading